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A little hope

Here is the new work for our monthly Patreon theme "Nocturn" - I called it "A little hope". I think I shared in this work a little bit of how I felt at that time - it became really cold (especially in my apartment, the heating still wasn't working in the middle of Octoberand I was literally freezing, wrapped in blankets, wearing gloves etc.), the sunlight started to go off pretty early (and soon it would be even earlier as the time change was coming), the elements in the background also reminded me of some dark thoughts I had been having, stress and anxiety hitting in some random moments, but the warm light (so positive thoughts and little nice things) keept me away from them.
On the other hand I was very happy that I found some time to create some new personal works and I hope I can continue with this flow. I hope you like it!
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Take care and stay healthy 🖤
I used a photo by @igorprusac as an inspiration ✨
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